Books I Read | May 2017

Books I Read in May 2017 | Rose Colored Water #reading #books #readingchallenge

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May was not a great reading month. I finished my college courses and my mind took a nose dive. It was like I had been holding on for so long, keeping my head above water with work, school, and my reading goals, that when finals were over, everything turned to mush.

Most of May has been spent researching schools for the NECP and catching up on blogging. I also celebrated my 27th birthday and second anniversary. Books weren’t really on my mind. Still, I have read a few books, though most of them weren’t very good.

Books I Read in May 2017 | Rose Colored Water #reading #books #readingchallenge

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

This book was the equivalent of The Alchemist in self-help form. And we all know how I feel about The Alchemist. I had huge hopes that this book would build me up and help me conquer my goals. Yet the whole time I listened to it, I kept thinking, this sounds so much like The Alchemist. I guess it’s because I don’t believe the universe conspires to help you reach your goals. This is something Sincero repeated numerous times.

I think hard work and determination with a “no-quit” attitude helps you achieve what you want. If you feel that way too, I don’t recommend reading this book. It’s a lot of mushy-gushy stuff. It didn’t inspire me. I guess I’m not the right type of person for it. However, if you are nervous and confused about what to do with your life and in a really desperate situation, this book might help you. But if you’re already working hard and making things happen – pass this one over.

Grace Is Greater: God’s Plan to Overcome Your Past, Redeem Your Pain, and Rewrite Your Story by Kyle Idleman

You may not know this, but I am a Christian. When I saw this book on Hoopla as a featured audiobook, I decided to listen in. It has been years since I read a Christian-based book. I needed this though. Idleman talks about God’s grace and how Christianity without God’s grace is dead. Many people believe that Christians are all about judgment and have only self-righteous love in their hearts. This is true of some, but not a fair assumption of Christ-followers.

Christians are called to love, forgive, and give grace to all those who have wronged them, just as God has given those things to us. This is what Idleman discusses in his book. This was a beautiful refresher for me, and I am happy I read it. If you’re struggling with forgiveness or grace, or if you’re interested in learning more about Christ – I recommend reading this book.

See what else I’ve read here:

How to Manage Your Money When You Don’t Have Any by Erik Wecks

This book was typical. I didn’t like it and felt like he didn’t make any real points. I thought this would be helpful for people struggling with money, but oftentimes it felt like he was just telling his readers to give up on their bills, even though he would round back and write that he wasn’t telling people to give up… but that they can give up. Does that make sense?

He mentioned a lot about how he doesn’t like personal finance gurus always pushing for wealthiness, but that we should rather be focusing on getting by – like having enough to survive, but not necessarily be able to buy anything we want.

Now correct me if I’m wrong when if you read this book and don’t get the same vibe, but that’s the vibe I got and I did not like it. I like when personal finance is about building wealth and bettering yourself so you can have those things you want. Maybe you don’t want things. That is fine. But does anyone really want to make more money and better their financial standing just to get by? Not me, friends.

I wasn’t a fan of this book, but I do recommend reading it. I’d love to hear if you felt the same about it as I did!

And that was all there was in May. Not a whole lot happening. Maybe June will be better.

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