Because I Haven’t Been Around…

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That’s what I have been on this blog. I gave a weak, brief update on my quarterly resolutions and finances, only to disappear again.

There are several reasons for my absence. Some I will divulge today. Others will have to wait. I want to let you know what’s been happening in my life, and why it will be sparse around here for a few more months. In the meantime, here is a picture of the various cheesecakes at the Cheesecake Factory. I spent some of my time away from the blog eating the most decadent deliciousness.


Work. Work. Work. This has been a busy summer at the office. I will be transitioning to a different work area in September, which will be somewhat stressful. I am also waiting to hear back from my chain of command if I will be moved to another position (one I really want). Until then, life goes on as usual.

In the meantime, I have been contacting and applying to nursing schools for the NECP program. This has been another source of stress for me, as I don’t have a lot of options, and I am still taking some pre-requisites this fall.

In October, I have my next PT test. While I am not worried about it, it is definitely something to build myself up for and make sure my body is in the best shape possible.


My summer class ended well. I got an “A” and am currently on a short break until the end of August. I will begin Microbiology the last week of this month, and Pathophysiology in the beginning of October. I know this is a lot to take on with all that is going on at work and home, while also applying to schools and organizing the paperwork for the NECP. However, it seems I excel the most when busy and under stress. Unfortunately, these classes will put more financial strain on me, as much of it will be paid for out-of-pocket.


Money has been difficult lately. Just a few months ago, I spoke with optimism about paying down debt and various bills. However, many things have come up that are pressing on my emergency fund and various expenses. I hope to do a shopping ban in September to put $1000 extra in savings and another $1000 towards the Discover card. I will say that the Discover card is very close to a zero balance, and I am still confident I can delete some serious debt by the end of the year.

Everything else.

I am trying to enjoy the little things in life. Summer is almost over, and I am actually super stoked about it. I splurged a bit on myself last week with some much-needed clothing purchases. I also went to see Joywave, Cold War Kids, and Young the Giant in concert at Red Rocks last week. This checks another to-do off the Denver list I made two years ago! It was phenomenal! Young the Giant is amazing live, and I highly recommend seeing them in concert if you like their music.

Young the Giant | Red RocksOverall, it has been an interesting summer. There are lots of things changing, and I hope to share it with you soon. I’ll do my best to continue posting here regularly, but with all the changes, it may not be possible. Just remember, I will be back eventually! Please bear with me.