Air Force Basic Training Tips and Prep

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Air Force Basic Training and Preparation

As I make my way into the final 12  day countdown, I’m working on steeling myself against all that comes in BMT. They say it’s harder if you’re a girl, but I believe that’s all perception.

Here is what I’m preparing for:

The gas chamber – Probably my biggest fear, though it’s started to wane a bit. If you haven’t heard of it, learn now. You stand in the chamber with everyone and get gassed. It all varies, but most of the time, you have to say something like your name etc. Then you file out in a line. Reactions range from snot flowing down to vomiting and almost always crying. My husband said when he went through it, someone actually tried to jump out of a window. READ ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE IN BASIC TRAINING AT THE  GAS CHAMBER!

The shots – I’ve never been scared of needles, but no one likes shots. Alas, they’re part of life, and I’ve heard they give some real doozies at Basic Training.

The yelling – Even if it isn’t as bad as it used to be, I hate being belittled and yelled at. It’s going to be tough.

The push-ups – I am sure I’ll be able to handle it, as my body is fairly fit and I’m making great progress, but there’s still that fear that I’ll utterly fail. Here’s some great moves to prepping your body for BMT.

Tips for Surviving

I’ve heard several tips on how to make your life easier (especially as a woman) through Basic Training, so I’m going to compile those here.

1. Pack lightly.

I’ve read this time and time again. When you head down, pack just the minimum to get you through the first 4 days. You’ll take a trip to the mini-mall to gather more stuff soon after. They make you take out everything in your bags for everyone to see, so pack light. You can see what I’m taking with my BMT packing list for females.

2. Be obscure.

That means keep quiet, don’t stand out, and do your best to blend seamlessly. Don’t make enemies or draw attention to yourself. I plan to be as quiet and unnoticeable as possible. I don’t want to volunteer for anything. According to my husband, it makes everything easier.

3. Cut your hair.

Now I know not every girl is going to do this and I see very few short hair cuts on the women these days, but I did cut my hair. I didn’t specifically cut my hair for Basic Training, but it had been long for my wedding and I was sick of it. I almost always have short pixie cuts, and I hear it’s a thousand times easier to manage than long hair. You don’t lose time in the morning trying to get it in a sock bun before the drill sergeant comes and chews you out.

4. Get fit before you arrive.

I have not been great at this, but I have been trying to get myself back into shape. The struggle has been real. I haven’t had a lot of time or motivation to stay on top of my exercises. Still – go in as fit as possible. If you can pass the PT test before you go in, you’re going to be just fine! It will save you a lot of heartache and hurt!

These are the few tips I have for now. I plan on writing more posts about how the whole 8.5 weeks went when I get home and have more time to write.

4 thoughts on “Air Force Basic Training Tips and Prep

  1. Hi, I was just wondering about shaving your legs in BMT. Do you ever get the chance to? Is there any free time to shave at the sink? Or do you just have to be hairy most of the time? I couldn’t find any info on this so I just wanted to ask

    1. Hi Julianna,
      I think I remember finally having time to shave my legs around end of Week 3. Our showers were very rushed in the beginning, but as the weeks progressed, we did get more time to ourselves. There was no time to shave over a sink, unless it was your armpits.

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