7 Things to Do When You’re Stuck Inside

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Blizzard weather is coming, and that means there will be plenty of days stuck inside! If you find yourself bored with nothing to do… you might consider some of these tips on the list.

7 Things to Do When You're Stuck Inside.

1. Clean everything.

When I am stuck inside, I immediately start cleaning. I also happen to enjoy cleaning, so that could have some effect on why I attack it first, but seriously… having a clean house or apartment is one of the best feelings when you’re stuck inside. I feel it’s much more conducive to being productive.

2. Reorganize your life.

I tend to clean and organize at the same time (which is VERY unproductive). Try organizing before you clean, and go through all that crap. Are magazines spread around and haphazardly stacked? Stack them up, make them look nice. Organize your bookshelf or dvd collection. Find a place for every little doodad. I promise, it will make you feel better!

3. Cook an extravagant dish.

If you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, research a new recipe and try it out! Cooking is a great way to spend the day. If you’re not a fan of cooking, try baking something sweet. I love making cookies almost as much as I love eating them.

4. Study up.

If you’re like me, you’ve got posts lined up in your Bloglovin’ feed that you haven’t had time to read yet. If so, take this time to catch up on all of them. Start studying that foreign language you’ve been wanting to learn or practicing your CSS. Make your time work for you.

5. Plan your next vacation.

Mike and I love to travel, but right now, finances are tight and we have to cut some debt out of our lives before we can really make it a part of our lives. However, that doesn’t stop us from researching places we want to see and things we want to do. Right now, we’re really intrigued by Puerto Rico and Iceland. Polar opposites, I know, but still. We’ve been researching pricing and options for a one-week trip.


6. Check off those goals.

What have you been putting off? Have you been wanting to knit a scarf? Paint a canvas? Update your resume/portfolio/Linkedin? If you’re just sitting around staring at the wall, maybe you could make it productive and look at those old goals or resolutions.

7. Catch up with friends.

Ahh, the days of phone calls. If you’re stuck inside, call those old college roomies up. Call your grandma. Call your dad! What’s happening in their lives? Do you even know? Pick a person you need to check in on and DO IT. Chances are, they’re stuck inside right now too.

If you’re stuck inside with your lover, reconnect through a fun game like Sorry or Life, or learn a new card game together! The time spent without the social media will be good for you both!

What do you think? Are these things you typically do if you’re stuck inside?

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