5 Things I Vow to Do this Spring

Spring is a great time to start fresh on goals you've fallen away from! #resolutions #goals #springtime | Rose Colored Water

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Spring is a great time to start fresh on goals you've fallen away from! #resolutions #goals #springtime | Rose Colored Water
I always start the year off with big goals and a hunger for being awesome. For some reason, I always imagine this version of myself spending long nights blogging, reading, and studying after stressful, but fulfilling work days. Somehow, I manage all this and more with the finesse and ease of Audrey Hepburn or Bette Davis. You know the type – the iconic woman everyone looks up to.

Don’t ask where this image comes from, but that’s how I see it. Then reality strikes and I’m back to drinking 2-3 coffees a day with some soda thrown in for good measure, finally crashing into bed at 8pm. Even now, I write this post at 5:46am, when I’m still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed from a full night’s sleep. I am ready to conquer the day.

Of course, that will all change around 1pm, when the stress of work has worn me down and there’s no end in sight. I’ll know that if I’m to make dinner and tidy the house, there will be no energy left for the stuff I actually like to do. That’s when I crash, giving up on everything so I can lay in the bathtub and crawl into my bed.

It’s a viscious cycle. 

But… this spring, I vow to break that cycle. This year, I’m doing it for real. Every day, I’m surrounded by people who seemingly do the impossible. Every day, another enlisted military member is being accepted into officer school; a co-worker leads our shop and works long hours while his wife is pregnant with their third child. Somewhere, someone is paying off their last student loan and rejoicing!

My dreams are possible, if only I make them so.

Alas, I have a plan. These are things I vow to myself as springtime makes it way to Colorado. [I can’t help but write foolishly of spring when the temperatures are reaching near 70.] This is the year that I actually do it all. I know I can, if I simply put my mind to it and practice self-control.

1. Cut out excess social media.

I’ve already cut back on Facebook and noticed a huge difference in the amount of time I have. It was such a time-suck. I plan on keeping Twitter and Instagram. Those will be the two main forms of media in my life. I spend little time on Twitter now, but it’s the best way to connect with bloggers I love. Instagram helps me stay connected to friends. Nonetheless, my time on these platforms will be limited.

2. Limit drinking Coke on the daily.

I wrote about crashing at 8pm every night, and I cannot help but blame my addiction to drinking Coca-Cola. Have I mentioned how bad it is for my skin? I can’t have clear skin while drinking Coke. My chin and cheeks pay the price. Even though caffeine is supposed to give you energy, the amount of sugar I consume because of Coca-Cola is killing my body. I have to limit and hopefully stop consumption of soda altogether.

3. Spend more time outside.

This was one of my 2017 resolutions, and I had a solid plan on making it happen before I found out we would not be purchasing a home. Now that I won’t be getting the yard of my dreams, Motley and I will have to find new ways to enjoy the outdoors. We are definitely going to be investing in a patio set this year. I refuse to let my next apartment patio become a wasteland of random outdoor items we have accumulated. I would like my next outdoor space to be a place of zen. That will help me spend more time outside while still accomplishing work/reading/studying.

4. Read more.

I failed at “reading more” last year. This year… I’m fo’ real. I’ve already made great progress on my 2017 reading list and I refuse to slow down. Maybe I will trade all that social media time for reading time. Whataya think? ;)

5. Eat breakfast.

Eating breakfast makes such a huge impact on my overall well-being for the day. If I don’t eat breakfast, then I end up scrounging around in my desk at work for something to munch on. This usually ends up being some random sweet cake item or a granola bar – not an ideal pick-me-up. Since Mike and I are moving to an area central to both our jobs, I have to get better at prepping breakfast because I will have a longer commute, and I’m tired of starving myself until lunch. If I can manage this one thing, my work days will be just a little bit brighter.

These are my goals for the spring, if I can only manage them. I am optimistic about the coming months, and I’m looking forward to all of it – the good, the bad, and the beautiful. Do you have any special springtime goals or motivations?

4 thoughts on “5 Things I Vow to Do this Spring

    1. Yeah, it’s amazing how much easier it is now that I’m older and not in college. Very few of my friends use Facebook, and nobody uses Twitter. Most of my family is on Facebook, and that’s the biggest reason I keep it. When you travel around a lot (like us), it’s the best way to keep in touch so everyone knows what’s going on.

  1. Isn’t it funny how social media tends to just take over our day? I’ll think that I’ve only been on for a few minutes, when in fact it’s been more than an hour lol. I love that you are making goals on cutting back a few things! I need to do that as well.

    1. Absolutely. Total time-suck. I want to simplify my life. If I had chosen a word for the year, it would have been simplify. I’m trying to set processes into place that allow me to work better and more efficiently. It’s tough, but in the long run, it will be worth it.

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