25 Thoughts I’m Having About My Wedding

25 Thoughts I'm Having about my Wedding

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25 Thoughts I'm Having about my Wedding

So it’s finally here. My wedding is just a few weeks away and my head is rampant with thoughts. I’m starting to feel more excited, but also really over it. Is this how all brides feel? I don’t know. I don’t care.

Today’s post is my outlet. Here are 25 thoughts racing through my mind.

1. Why didn’t we just elope?
2. I hope there are less people than we expect.
3. What if no one comes?
4. Should I have gotten a bustle for this dress?
5. What if someone steps on it?
6. How the hell am I going to pee?
7. I wish Motley could have been the ring bearer.
8. Maybe we shouldn’t have a dance…
9. I can’t drink alcohol… because then I’ll have to pee, and that’s impossible.
10. If we cancel the dance, I’ll lose all that money and Mike and I won’t get to dance to our song.
11. Will everyone have enough food? Maybe appetizers WERE the wrong choice.
12. We should’ve just went to the courthouse.
13. We have no money.
14. What if no one shows up?
15. This is SUCH a waste of money.
16. At least my braces are off.
17. Liz Patten sounds so legit. Better than my current name.
18. I should have said “No Children.”
19. Maybe I should drink to loosen myself up.
20. Can someone hook me up with a catheter?
21. What if I mess up my vow reading?
22. I hope my family doesn’t embarrass me.
23. We should’ve just flew to Barbados.
24. I hate weddings!
25. At least we ordered lots of cupcakes.

As you can tell… I’m not excited about the wedding, per say. I love Mike and have no second guesses about spending the rest of my life with him, but the whole wedding ordeal feels like another bridge to be crossed.

I’m sure the actual day will be amazing. Thanks for listening all! Did or does anyone else feel this way?

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3 thoughts on “25 Thoughts I’m Having About My Wedding

  1. yep, Totally get the thoughts going through your head. Yes, someone from your family will probably embarrass you and yes, we all wish Motley could have been in the wedding.

  2. I bet you’re just at the point in the planning process where you’re ready for the day to come already so you can stop preparing. These are probably all natural thoughts though and like you said, I’m sure it will be amazing!

    1. That’s exactly where I’m at Chonce! One week to go and it will all be over with! I’m sure it will be wonderful, but the in-between time is the worst!

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