20 Reasons I Want to Be Like my Mom

20 Reasons I Want to Be Like My Mom

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20 Reasons I Want to Be Like My Mom

Happy Labor Day weekend all! Today is my mom’s birthday, and I’ve had this post in my drafts since Mother’s Day! I figured now was a great time to pull it out, dust it off, and show the world.

I could brag about my mom all day long because she has one of the hardest jobs on the planet. I cannot deny that being a mom is one of the most difficult things you can do. And if you’re a working mom like my mom was/is – holy crap. You all are miracle workers. Kudos to all the moms out there, whatever you’re doing, whoever you are.

But I want to take this day to talk about my mom because it IS her birthday. My mom and I are very different, and yet every day, I see a little bit of her in myself. I am not ashamed of this. While my mom can get on my last nerve, she is the first person I call when I need help or advice about life. She is one of the strongest, toughest women I know, and more often than I not, I wish I could be more like her.

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So, in honor of my mom, here are 20 reasons I wish I was more like her.

1. She is tough as nails.

Sure, my mom cries when she gets hurt, but emotionally, she is built of pure steel. She is tough to crack. Her children, including me, have been absolutely horrible to her, yet she is unwavering.

2. Her love never ends.

My mom loves through all the hurts and struggles our family has put her through. I can be horrid in my anger, and my mom usually receives the brunt of it, yet her love for me continues.

3. Her patience persists.

My mom has a very tough job as a tech in a rehab center. She is so patient with her clients and co-workers. If only I had the patience she has…

She is strong, resilient, and tough as nails. | Rose Colored Water

4. She stood by my dad in his hour of need.

In a time when marriage seems so fickle, my mom took her wedding vows to heart and stuck by my dad through sickness and in health. When my dad was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor and could no longer work, she supported him and kept our family together. I will always try to be that strong in my own marriage.

5. She is humble.

My mom does not like to ask for help, but when my dad was sick, she did what she had to do to support our family. She walked into the Family Services office and asked for help, even though it was humiliating for her.

6. She’s resilient.

My mom has been pushed to her limits so many times, yet she always comes out on top. She never lets life get her down. I want to have that kind of resilience when tough times come my way.

7. She has zest.

She is such a fun person. Even when she drives me nuts, I can say with confidence that my mom is fun and full of life! When I was a kid, everyone loved my mom because she was always doing awesome stuff for us. I will probably never be that fun, but I hope I can be even half as fun as my mom was for us.

8. Her work ethic is intense.

There has rarely been a time when my mom wasn’t working to help support our family. She would have loved to stay home with us kids, but with my dad’s health issues, it wasn’t an option. She rarely complained though. She did what she had to do to keep our family afloat.

Mom and me

9. Her anger is short.

As kids, we all knew how to push our mom to her limit. No matter how mad we made her, she never stayed that way for long. Call it a mother’s love, but she always got over it fast. I wish I could be that way.

10. She is quick to forgive.

Sometimes, she can be too forgiving, but I’d rather her be that way than to hold a grudge forever. If she did, we’d probably never speak! My mom is a very forgiving person, and I love that about her.

11. She is a giver.

There’s not much to say here. She gives from her heart. I think I am actually a bit like this already.

12. She doesn’t worry.

I am a big worry-wart, and my mom is always there saying, “It will all work out.” If only I had her faith and trust that things will be okay.

13. Her creativity is always flowing.

My mom has some crazy stuff flowing through her veins because she never seems to be short on imagination and creativity. Everyone loves her because she is the best brainstormer out there and can bounce insane ideas around and make them look feasible!

14. She is the ultimate multi-tasker.

My mom can do about 50 things at once. Need I say more?

15. She functions normally on 5-6 hours of sleep.

My mom and I have always been early risers, but she is completely functional on like, 6 hours of sleep. I would die. I pray I’m like that when I get to her age. There are so many things I could get done!

My mom's creativity is out of this world | Rose Colored Water

16. She’s physically strong.

My mom is a beast. She is strong and can arrange furniture like nobody’s business. She is always lifting, hauling, or carrying something somewhere if she can’t find help. It’s pretty awesome!

17. She can laugh at herself.

A true test of character – my mom does not take herself too seriously. I love that she can let everything go and just have a good laugh about the funny things she does.

18. She never stops reading.

Her nose is always stuck in a book, and she’s always interested to hear what I’ve been reading lately. It’s nice to have someone to talk to about the books you read.

19. She always encourages.

It never stops. She is the ultimate supporter. You want this woman in your life. Like I said before, she makes anything seem possible (like joining the Air Force or going to school in a state 26 hours away)!

20. She’s a good listener.

Very important if you like to talk (like me). My mom is always willing to listen even when she’s busy. I wish I were as good as listening as she is.

She's just plain awesome! | Rose Colored Water

And that is why I want to be like my mom when I grow up! 

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