10 Odd Search Queries that Will Bring You to my Blog

10 Funny Search Queries that People used to get to my blog | Rose Colored Water #humor #hilarious #funny

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10 Funny Search Queries that People used to get to my blog | Rose Colored Water #humor #hilarious #funny

Every year, you see bloggers post some of the weirdest search queries that have brought people to their blog. In 2016, I actually had enough traffic and search queries to create such a post. Of course, most of them pertain to joining the Air Force and what you’ll encounter during that process, but some are just downright weird and hilarious. Here are a few of the search strings leading people to Rose Colored Water.

1. meps tits
Yep, you will see “tits” at MEPS… If you’re a female. Sorry guys. You may see more than that. Brace yourselves. MEPS is just the beginning.

2. spongebob are you done with those errands?
No, and I will never be finished with those errands! Haha! One of the better Spongebob episodes. This particular quote is one I say daily at work. It isn’t always appreciated.

Image result for spongebob are you finished with those errands

3. sneak phone into testing center

I can tell you from experience that this is a bad idea. JUST DON’T DO IT. Read this post about the girl who was supposed to test with me during the ASVAB. Don’t ruin your already very young career by making a stupid choice like this.

4. poop at usaf bmt 2016
This is a tough subject. Pooping at BMT is probably the worst experience you’ll have in relation to that specific subject. You’ll either suffer from severe diarrhea or constipation. It could go either way. Do your best to regulate yourself, but if it’s bad for more than week, tell someone.

5. why we choose cupcakes
We choose cupcakes because life is hard. Cupcakes = life. When in doubt… choose the cupcake. (In reality, I think we choose cupcakes because it’s cheaper at a wedding.)

6. how to rose your husband
Let’s hope when you meet your husband, he is already rose. Most husbands turn out to be man-children, so let’s hope his mom already rose him right before you get your hands on him. But, if I had to rose my husband, I would probably purchase a handbook from Amazon.

7. i dont care wat people tell abt me sts
i dont even know wat this query is abt. good thing i dont care wat people tell abt me sts?

8. today things are not like before , i wish we could be like before
No. No, things are not like they were before, but I don’t wish for us to be like before. I think things are better now than before, don’t you? To live in the past is to never move forward.

9. is the first night of basic training scary
Absolutely. It’s terrifying. However, you’re so tired you don’t even realize how scared you are. You fall asleep and before you know what is happening, you’re being yelled at to get up and start the worst 6 weeks of your life. Read about ZERO WEEK to get an idea of what to expect.

10. some of the asvab don’t make any sense
No, some of the asvab don’t make any sense at all, and by your poor grammar, you are probably trying to get into the Army. Am I right? HAHA I kid, I kid. But really… Army?

I hope you enjoyed these interesting queries as much as I did. Who knows what 2017 will bring to dear Rose Colored Water?

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